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What are you insured to deliver?

Did you know that you are only insured for the qualifications you have?

We often have lots of questions about insurance and what is covered. I thought this blog may help.

Many people are confused as they think that being a qualified gym, PT or studio instructor they are insured to teach anything! This is not true. Do you know your boundaries?

If you qualify as a gym instructor you are qualified to teach people in a gym environment writing basic programmes for people. You are not qualified to write ongoing programmes for the special population group, you need to hold specific qualifications for these, e.g. children (under 16 year olds), older adults ( over 50/60 years of age), disabled clients and pre and post-natal. To use Kettlebells, suspension equipment, teach circuits and spin classes you need to hold the relevant separate qualifications. The gym qualification gives you minimal understanding to aid you understand the concepts however you are not qualified beyond your boundary which is using gym CV and resistance gym equipment, free weights ( barbells and dumb-bells), body weight exercises.

So what if you qualify as a PT, what are you insured for?

You are insured to deliver specific one-to-one sessions with healthy adults (over 16 years of age). You will be qualified to guide in nutrition however you are not a ‘dietician’. You can use a variety of equipment that is met in your syllabus including stability balls, however you are not insured to teach Boot-camps, teach circuits, use kettlebells, outdoor training, use suspension equipment, teach groups of participants. You are covered to teach as I said one-to- one and pairs (buddies). Remember your boundaries. As a PT the special population is the same as the gym instructor, you need the specific qualifications for specific groups.

We often see PTs delivering Boot-camp training when the sun comes out. As a participant you need to check that your PT has a level 3 Boot-camp qualification.

ETM instructors are covered to teach groups of healthy adult participants (aged 16 and above) in a studio they are not qualified to work in a gym. ETM instructors can teach a variety of classes, aerobics, body conditioning using small free weights and designed exercise formats that combine the two. An ETM instructor is not qualified to teach step, studio resistance, yoga, Pilates, kettlebells, suspension, circuits etc without the specific qualifications. Again, as above, the same applies with the special population groups.

Every course you complete is made of learning objectives and these are assessed by different methods. It is the learning objectives you achieve which make up your qualification and they make up the list of things you are insured against.

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