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Setting Fitness Goals

Do you set goals? Do you make a New Years Resolution?

We all make goals sometime in our life but do we keep them?

I have made many goals and struggled to keep them! New Years Eve goal ‘ I’m going to start running so I can join a running club’… but as I start to enter January that goal slides away.

So you can see you are not alone, you’re certainly in good company.

So how do we achieve our goals? We make them small and we make them realistic. Using SMART goals, specific, achievable, realistic and time-bound will help.

There are so many compelling reasons to make the commitment to achieve a goal and everyone has a different reason for losing the will to achieve. The bottom line is that if achieving your  goal is important to you, you can do it in less time than it takes to watch the news. In fact, you can do it while you watch it!

Take a piece of paper and write:


Then write:

S – what is it you want to achieve (exercise 3 times in 7 days for 30 minutes)

M- How will I measure what I want to achieve ( By timing 30 minutes of exercise)

A- Will I be able to achieve it? ( yes as I am going to do it whilst the news  is on)

R- Is it a sensible goal for me achieve ( yes as I have the time)

T- How long do I have to achieve this goal ( I have 7 days to achieve this short goal)

If you make small goals to achieve

Have a go and enjoy achieving your goal.