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key to success.

What we know and what we continuously find out all the time is that consistency is the key to success.

No excuses,

No issues,

No rationalizations. 

So many new gym goers give up so quickly because they are not seeing the results that they want in the time span that they think they should.

So they quit and say that it wasn’t worth it or it wasn’t working.

But just like anything else, exercise is a SKILL.  And skills need to be practised.

Now, that being said, practice does NOT make perfect, as the old adage goes.

Practice makes PERMANENT. 

It’s good to be consistent, but you have to be consistently GOOD.

If you practice exercise poorly (a discussion that I have with person after person that I come in contact with), you will only emphasize and promote poor movement and long-term injury.  But so many people are not willing to put in the consistent practice to make sure that what they do, they do WELL.

It is just like your mother always told you when you were a kid….

Anything that is worth doing, is worth doing well.

So be good at it!

But you have to practice.

And in order to practice,

you need to BE THERE.

Get consistent.  Get good!