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Health benefits of drinking lemon water

So, it turns out that my brother in-law Jason JAY  is right.  Ever since he was small, one of his favourite fruits has been lemons.  He just chomps them down, rind and all.

Well, get ready, because you are going to start seeing lemons more commonly than ever.

Lemons have been indicated, by the Sterling-Rice group,  as one of the “hot foods” of 2015.

They get that distinction for numerous reasons.

lemon benefits

First off, they make a terrific salt substitute due to their acidity.

They have the ability to create a similar response in the taste systems, without the issues with raising fluid retention and blood pressure.

Lemons also add a depth to the flavor of foods and sauces creating a snse of satiety when we eat.

This means that we feel fuller, longer and are less prone to a “too soon” bout of eating again.

In addition, lemons help balance the body’s pH levels.  Even though they are an acidic food in nature, when the body burns them to ash, that ash is alkaline.  So they can help the body buffer and counterbalance all the acidic foods that we put into our bodies on a daily basis.

So squeeze them on your salads and in your drinks.  Zest them onto meats and desserts and blend them into your smoothies.

Lemons help keep you healthy.